Nortel BCM50 Telephone Systems

Published: 07th January 2010
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Offices and companies across the globe seek to connect their employees to their internal networks in the most practical, constructive and inexpensive fashion. The search for a reasonably priced system seems to be over with the introduction of the amazing Nortel BCM50 telephone system.

The BCM50 telephone system is an exceptional piece of office equipment that can carry up to forty classic telephone headsets along with thirty plus IP internet provider sets. The system instantaneously connects the telephones to applications such as personalised voicemail and fax services.

Each hand set connected to the BCM50 will generate an exclusive individual number and voicemail so callers can be directly contacted. The BCM50 is so advanced it can take an incoming phone call, redirect it to a particular section of the office or department with out the need of other people directing the call for you. This particular function is known as the call pilot service. This is a modern piece of technology as it eliminates the need to have somebody monitoring incoming phone calls.

The system specifications are packed full of enticing features. Firstly there are over a hundred different ring tones that the user can select for various callers.'This adds a'fun and element to'the phones software and creates'a personal touch.'Offices can pre load up to six hundred numbers into the system which leads to easy recognition. There is also the option of installing up to 300 speed dials which is effective in swift and direct calling. The speed dial option ensures you can carry out tasks quickly and efficiently without the hassle of searching for that all important number.

The BCM50 can hold up to a staggering'one hundred hours of memory per phone number which gives the user a piece of mind that they will always have the ability to take that important message. The service goes one step further to create that personal touch with the option to record your own voicemail in relation to who you are receiving the call from. The voicemail function also has the ability to store a great deal of information with a large inbox. This function eliminates the need to buy extra hardrive and phone memory which is a super way to cut back on costs. The voicemail also gives you that extra piece of mind knowing that you will not miss that all important telephone call when you are away.

Another benefit of using the BCM50 in the office work place is the all inclusive price package. It has a wide variety of features that comes under one neat small price. It allows the particular business or office using the system to save back on extra costs during a time of recession.

You may be skeptical about taking on such a creative piece of equipment in the office. However, Nortel offer their customers a free 60 day trial in order to experience what the BCM50 has to offer. This gives you plenty of time to test out the phone equipment in your office and really see how it could benefit you on a daily basis.

Overall, the Nortel BCM50 telephone systems'are a great package that can give a small office the ability to have the same perks as large scale businesses. It is overflowing with options that will solve any problems offices seem to have with incoming and outgoing telephone calls while eliminating the need to over spend on various other applications and programs

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